Cedar Middle School

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Collège le Cedre

A fresh look at its educational project and its plan for success !

The educational project of Cedar Schools aims to offer all learners a stimulating educational environment and conditions that are conducive to the development of skills that will ensure their academic success in terms of qualification, socialization, and instruction.

Enhance co-operation between school, family, and community

Parents can play a vital role in scaffolding students’ learning. Therefore, Cedar Junior High School seeks to reinforce collaboration between the school, the family, and the community by improving communication between parents and the school, through keeping them constantly informed about their children’s achievement and issues. We also guide them about how to monitor their children’s education and involve them in the school life.

Being open to the outside world is a real challenge

Promote student participation in community life, including social, cultural and sports activities through projects and partnerships with civil society organizations.

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Collège le Cedre
Rectangle 3
Collège le Cedre

Provide the learner with the means requisite to develop their skills

Catering to learners’ needs goes hand in hand with their skill development! To achieve that, Cedar School students experience varied learning situations and meaningful projects aimed at promoting their skills.

Therefore, we provide appropriate tailor-made support to our students who encounter difficulties in their school careers.

In addition, information and communication technologies are integrated into the learning situations and projects.

It goes without saying that teachers use didactic and educational approaches that allow students to be active in developing their own skills through a project-based pedagogy and cooperative learning.